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Fun Little Toys Fidget Toy Set

Fun Little Toys Fidget Toy Set

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Simply squeeze, rub, press, stretch, and flip these fidget poppers to help you or your child relieve stress and have fun. These stress-relieving toys are also very suitable when you need to concentrate at work, in class or in meetings.

These toys are suitable for children and adults of all ages.

This 32pcs sensory fidget toy pack includes: 1 x rainbow muffin pop it fidget, 3 x squishy mochi, 2 x stretchy smiley men, 2 x marble and meshes, 3 x mini spiky balls, 1 x squeeze ball with mini balls inside, 1 x squeeze beans, 4 x pop tubes, 2 x stretchy strings, 1 x flippy string, 5 x finger rings, 2 x pop it bracelet fidgets, 2 x stretchy caterpillars, 2 x zippers, 1 x mesh squishy ball, 1 x 3D silicone pop fidget ball, 1 x dimple pop. This fidget bulk set is made of high-quality silicone and tpr materials, non-toxic, 100% safe, and suitable for children at different stages.

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